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Krafft-Ebing’sgreat service lay in the clinical enthusiasm with which he approached thestudy of sexual perversions. Pick (Clinical Studies inPathological Dreaming, Journal of Mental Sciences, July, 1901) recordsthree more or less morbid cases of day-dreaming, usually with an eroticbasis, all in apparently hysterical men. Have always been too self-analytical. Natural, primary sexual hysteria in woman, King concludes, is a temporary modification of the nervous government of the body and the distribution of nerve-force (occurring for the most part, as we see it to-day, in prudish women of strong moral principle, whose volition has disposed them to resist every sort of liberty or approach from the other sex), consisting in a transient abdication of the general, volitional, and self-preservational ego, while the reins of government are temporarily assigned to the usurping power of the reproductive ego, so that the reproductive government overrules the government by volition, and thus, as it were, forcibly compels the woman’s organism to so dispose itself, at a suitable time and place, as to allow, invite, and secure the approach of the other sex, whether she will or not, to the end that Nature’s imperious demand for reproduction shall be obeyed. I wish toconsider briefly certain salient points concerning auto-erotic phenomena,especially their prevalence, their nature, and their moral, physical, andother effects.

fr datingsites org

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Johnston, British Central Africa, p. 395; T.H.

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