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These are fundamentally good things to understand when dealing with people in any context. We may expect thatcontinued analytic efforts will furnish us with still more disclosuresconcerning the structure and development of the normal sexual function. Coitus, though frequently practised, gives her no pleasure, seems, indeed, somewhat disgusting to her, and has never produced orgasm. If, however, we split up the curve by dividing the period oftwelve years into two nearly equal periods, the earlier of about sevenyears and the latter of about four years, and summate these separately,the two curves do not present any parallel as regards the menstrual cycle. In England Lawson Tait and Bantock (British Medical Journal, October 14, 1899, p. 975) have noted that sexual passion seems sometimes to be increased even after the removal of ovaries, tubes, and uterus.

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She is the cause of it, yet she would believe itcauseless. He growled against my mouth as he let me loose. Ellis, Tshi-speaking Peoples, p. 288. In Russia, Tchlenoff, investigating the sexual life of over 2000 Moscow students of upper and middle class (Archives d’Anthropologie Criminelle, Oct.-Nov., 1908), found that in half of them the first coitus took place between 14 and 17 years of age; in 41 per cent, with prostitutes, in 39 per cent, with servants, and in 10 per cent, with married women.

Rebecca felt a torrent of pleasure as her orgasm consumed her, and she continued to thrust against Andrea, being immediately overtaken by another orgasm.

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That was 11 years ago.

Tonight, she’d dressed for the part.

It is perhaps a mistake to show so plainly at the outset that I approachwhat may seem only a psychological question not without moral fervour. I started out by returning the shelves and drawers. The plunge into the sexual cocytus of the great public school that followed was effectually sudden. ii, p. 439) considered inversion a kind of sexual appetite of which very likely most men possess the germinal possibility.

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