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Lady Venetia Stanley, in the early seventeenth century,who became the wife of Sir Kenelm Digby, was somewhat dark, with brownhair and eyebrows.

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She followed the instructions to get into the office and soon was in the inner office area with her client. We went, and disillusionment began. A song is started, and with small, slow steps this ring of bodies, like a winding snake, moves sideways, backward, closes, opens again, the steps become heavier, the songs and drums louder, the girls enter the circle and with closed eyes grasp the girdle of their chosen youths, who clasp them by the hips and necks, the chain becomes longer and longer, the dance and song more ardent, until the dancers grow tired and disappear in the gloom of the forest. 81 It is perhaps significant that many colors are especially liable toproduce skin disorders, especially urticaria; a number of cases have beenrecorded by Joal, Journal de M├ędecine, July 10, 1899. For once, Barbara had given much better than she’d received.

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