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The patients included persons from the lowest class of the population, and only about a quarter of them could fairly be regarded as curable. What do kisses mean when given out like pretzels and robbed of sacredness? To seclude suchpersons from the rest of the world, so that the dreaded spiritual dangershall not spread, is the object of the taboo, which Frazer compares to anelectrical insulator to preserve the spiritual force with which thesepersons are charged from suffering or inflicting, harm by contact with theouter world. She sucked on the head of my cock more still holding onto the shaft with one hand, elongating the head.

XIX, Heft 2, 1902.) All that can be said,however, is that he addressed a long series of sonnets to a youthful malefriend. The recordscertainly show far more points of agreement than of discrepancy, and bytheir harmony, as well with each other as with themselves, when the yearsare taken separately, certainly go far to prove that there is a verymarked annual rhythm in the phenomena of seminal emissions during sleep,or, as Nelson has termed it, the ecbolic curve. Three years later, Krafft-Ebing, toward the close of his life, adopted thesame conception; the cases to which he applied it were all, he considered,of bisexual disposition and usually, also, marked by sexual hyperesthesia.

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Pseudo-Tauler even affirms that aman “can possess abundant wealth and yet be poor in spirit.”

(Wittenberg, Die geschlechtsittlichen Verhalten der Landbewohner im Deutschen Reiche, 1895, Bd.

(Batut, Archives d’Anthropologie Criminelle, January 15, 1893.)

For cases ofhomosexuality in American prostitutes, see D. McMurtrie, Lancet-Clinic,Nov. 2, 1912.

These unquestionable influences of modern movements cannot directlycause sexual inversion, but they develop the germs of it, and theyprobably cause a spurious imitation.

The nature of the intimacy exceeds anything else about which I’m familiar. Rousseau, in his Confessions,admirably describes how his own solitary, timid, and imaginative lifefound its chief sexual satisfaction in masturbation.342 Gogol, thegreat Russian novelist, masturbated to excess, and it has been suggestedthat the dreamy melancholy thus induced was a factor in his success as anovelist.

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