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Surprise wet t shirt contest

Nude photos Surprise wet t shirt contest.

The premise of the contest is simple: Women — typically hot, inebriated women — don thin white T-shirts with nothing underneath and get doused with water.

As a crowd watches and cheers them on, they shimmy and strip until the judges give the winner a small prize — perhaps free drinks or a dry, less sheer T-shirt. A relatively new tradition: Historically speaking, the idea of young college students traveling down south for spring break is relatively new.

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It's not entirely clear how the contest made its way to Floridian Spring Break parties. A complicated, anti-feminist history: While it might seem ironic that the wet T-shirt contest arose during the second-wave feminist erathe tradition actually arose during a fairly politically conservative period.

But that was arguably because they no longer felt they had to.

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It's not exactly a coincidence that wet T-shirt contests caught on at a point when feminism had "penetrated every layer of society, matured beyond ideology to a Surprise wet t shirt contest status of general — and sometimes unconscious — acceptance," according to Timewhich named "American Women" its Person of the Year for Precisely because of Surprise wet t shirt contest gains of the women's liberation movementyoung women, in particular, had come to expect an increased level of social and sexual freedom.

Getting wet and wild: By this point, wet T-shirt contests had indisputably become a part of Fort Lauderdale spring break tradition, in addition to such charming practices as banana-eating contests rewarding women who could "consume a banana in the sexiest possible fashion. And yet, despite lawsuits and government regulators' efforts to end the "lewd" activity, the contest kept on keepin' on.

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Lorenzo and other local bar owners pushed hard to convince the public wet T-shirt contests were "wholesome" events. You can't compare the Button [contests] with a wet T-shirt contest.

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