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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. I was wondering about how girls 'look' at a guys penis.

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How and when do you look at a guy's penis? I mean, once you are introduced to a new guy, do you take a look at his bulge as part of checking him out?? Or only when you feel a guy is sexy Or do you always look at all guys junk all the time?? And how do you do it without guys even noticing it?? When a guy looks at a girl's breasts, he is usually caught looking and he is obvious, but how do girls stare without getting caught??

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And after you look down there, how does that influence how you judge the guy?? What difference does it make? Hopefully you can share some experience too And if a guy wishes to post a reply and he is welcome to do sohow does he know when a girl takes a look at Girls see my dick penis???

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I didn't until I hit puberty, but then I caught myself checking the fellahs. Less so now that I have a man in residence and regular sex, but even so I catch my eyes flickering down there for a sec, especially if he's attractive.

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Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. TruthBTold Send a private message. Ok so this answer is per what my wife said to the question. She said "Every chance I get!

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She did say that if it's overly obvious like in a movie and a guy is wearing a banana hammock, then yes. But she loves to see mine when it's out. She's particularly fond of it when I have been soaking in a hot bath and I stand up. Cause of the dripping wet and plump aspect from soaking in the hot water.

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I usually catch her looking at it in a lost gaze way. But she loves it when I do the helicopter for her. She's awesome like that. But in turn, she does naked half assed jumping jacks so I can watch her love pillows bounce up and down. Goes both ways I guess.

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Hotboy Send a private message. Damn near every time my husband is naked. Anonymous50RTR10 Send a private message. Well during the movie I had my hand on the inside of her thigh and she took my other hand and started gently rubbing the tip of her finger up my arm so it kinda turned me on.

Well then my parents went to go get a drink Girls see my dick me and my girlfriend stayed in there and we were in the very back so there was nobody behind us.

And a question for girls is do girls care if guys grab or look at a girls Girls see my dick if so why and share your thoughts. Message me you thoughts about guys staring, looking and grabbing your boobs. Also tell me what you think about how dicks look and feel to you and what you think is the average size dick for a man.

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Edited on November 27, at I don't make a habit of looking at penises, penis', penii? I will look if it seems bigger than the average bear this will tell how old you and I are and Women are also aware of the term 'showers and growers' so it doesn't matter much till you meet it in person. Jack Send a private message.

SarahK Send a private message. I wouldn't do it intentionally, unless, as Fallen Angel said, I happened Girls see my dick notice it was very visible. Then, like exposed breasts, it would be difficult not to look.

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I enjoy sex very much, but I find other areas of the male body more of a turn-on when clothed. Thardly Send a private message. Hey what do uyou. Gary Send a private message.

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Hi the answer is simple it is in body language women get away with out looking because they have very good peri feral vision and men us, we get caught because Girls see my dick have good long range vision. So we have to look at the woman up and down a woman deos not at a man she can see the lot while Girls see my dick to him.

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