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Short essay my first date

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I brought along a notebook because computers were not allowed, and just wrote.

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The professor probably thought I was a very good student, but I was working on my stories and hoped that front row girl would notice the Little Prince drawing on the cover of my notebook. I was always writing the beginning because starting was Short essay my first date most fun.

She had a peaceful beauty, with touches of sadness that told me that she was intelligent and aware of things. I took my time though. I kept looking at the guy who was sitting next to her, wondering if they had a thing going on because of the way they smiled together about things.

One day, at last, I got lucky. I was presenting with my group, and my friend Max made a fool of himself.

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It was fascinating, and hilarious. Our grade was dying but I was having a great time, and so was everyone. I looked her way and I kept laughing and when she met me with her eyes we did not avoid each other.

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I thought that maybe I had something to do with it. Later that night, I was having some wine at a birthday dinner.

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The noisy smiles around me, the privacy of the night, and the alcohol gave me the wings to send her a message. I sent her something nice to seal the conversation for the night. My friend invited me Short essay my first date a private event that was happening at his fraternity. It sounded fun and it would give me social currency with her, not that I wanted a girl who was sensitive to social currency but I knew that everyone cared at least a little.

First Date essaysWhen I was...

I invited her to have some wine at my place before. Thankfully, she was five minutes late. I will have to entertain her and make sure that she likes me. We share an elevator in awkward silence with Short essay my first date girl who looks at us like she has an opinion. We walk to my apartment and I pour her some wine and then ask her if she wants to share a brownie.

I speak Spanish to them pretty well, considering the brownie.

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I could be any of those. I see people I know but talking to them feels like a lot of work. It also feels unnecessary. I see my friend Nathan who invited me and introduce him to her. He likes her, I can tell.

He disappears for a moment. I take her hand. We sit down, facing the small improvised stage in the corner of the room. My heart is burning in my wrists and palms. I am smiling without realizing it. My face is melting. I am looking at her, freely now. And then I see my whole life go by in front of me on the screen of her face. Short essay my first date am not falling in love.

My heart has become stronger and more difficult to move. The characters are hanging around the stage. They are such characters, so well defined. For one moment I am back looking at her, and not into her eyes.

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