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Best natural lubricant for sex

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Skip the commercial jelly and try one of these natural lube options for better, steamier and healthier!

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You try to avoid synthetic ingredients in your food, cosmetics and skin products—but have you ever considered the ingredients in the personal lubricants you use on your most sensitive tissues? Pick up a bottle of K-Y Jelly and read the ingredients.

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Glycerin, parabens, and alcohol abound, acting as serious skin irritants for some. For women prone to yeast infections, glycerin can increase the likelihood of contracting one to be fair, some oil-based lubricants, like baby oil, can do the same.

Most commercially flavored and scented lubes rely on artificial ingredients. If clean and natural products are important to you, there are a number of personal lubricants on the market that fit the bill.

A handful of Paleo-friendly oils work just as good, if not better, for many people.

If you're the kind of...

You can get jars and bottles of the stuff for the same price as tiny vials of traditional lubes. Not all oils are created equal.

Not all oils are created...

Never use an oil-based lubricant or oils in conjunction with condoms, as they can break down latex and lessen the efficacy of the pregnancy and STD preventers.

Physically, they may get the job done, but the risk to your vaginal health is high.

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A study conducted by a team of University of California researchers found that women who used petroleum jelly intravaginally were 2. Women who used mineral oil were also considerably more likely to test positive for Candida, a fungus that can lead to yeast infections.

Vegetable, Canola and Other Refined and Hydrogenated Oils The refining and hydrogenating processes are pretty gnarly, and the logic behind avoiding them on the Paleo diet extends to bodily use. It and other cold-pressed oils like avocado oil is generally safe to use as a lube, but can prove more residue-laden, sticky, and… well… no one likes to smell like a wok during sex.

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