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Salt lick smoked beef brisket

Sexy xxx video Salt lick smoked beef brisket.
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Nearly years later, The Salt Lick shows no sign of cooling down. Start with the best ingredients. The meat should be bright red and not have too much liquid in the package.

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The fat should be an ivory white. Instead of a marinade, we apply a dry rub consisting of salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper — just make sure you apply immediately before cooking, as the salt extracts juice and moisture from the meat.

Then we baste with our original recipe BBQ sauce throughout the cooking process. You can use any type of BBQ sauce that you prefer, however be careful when using a tomato-based sauce, since it can burn at high temperatures and create a bitter taste.

Cook slow and steady. We sear our meat over high heat degrees for around an hour, then slow cook degrees.

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What pairs best with BBQ? Wine, beer and whiskey. Seriously, though, I prefer coleslaws of all kinds: The crunchy texture and refreshing taste pairs really well with smoked meats.