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Needless to say, neither movie launched a franchise.

Thanks so much for taking the time this morning. Was this aspect of the business something you wanted to branch into specifically? I think for me on a personal level I wanted to challenge myself with respect to taking different journeys.

I think from that sense I guess bigger movies are kind of telling a more commercial story. And then I also wanted to really work with Lauren and Chris, the directors.

Regardless of what happened in...

What was it like working with a directing team for the first time? Were they always on the same page? It was an amazing experience.

Truly, because Lauren and Chris are so in sync, but they have very different ideas on approaching a scene or the film. And I think when you have two people at the head of that obviously the same journey to take, but coming from different angles.

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You know, after I worked with them I went on and directed a movie myself so it was a huge help to work with them. They are so talented and so supportive towards artists.

I honestly had one of the best experiences.

Now, 11 years after he...

There are so many things in the movie that are sort of left for the audience to interpret or sort of figure out on their own. Again, a lot is left to interpretation. Was that one of the things that sort of appealed to you in the script and were there times where you were asking for answers yourself?

by Anonymous, reply , 06/21/...

The script was very structured from A to Z. And Lauren and Chris always had this idea they wanted to do [to the story aspect in editing].

Alex Pettyfer has a conspiratorial...

And I think that things you miss in the film are kind of explained in the script. So, what I love about film and why I think it turned out so beautifully is I love films that make you question, think back.

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If you and I both went and saw a piece of art. I might be emotionally attracted to the art and feel a certain way, view something beautiful and have questions and have my own interpretation of what the art is. I, for instance, have my own theories away from the script and just as a viewer on the movie.

Can you just talk really quickly about James because he gives a remarkable performance and has to carry much of the movie on his shoulders. What was your takeaway from working with him?

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