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Fecal incontinence FIalso known as anal incontinenceor in some forms encopresisis a lack of control over defecationleading to involuntary loss of bowel contents—including flatus gasliquid stool elements and mucusor solid feces. FI is a sign or a symptomnot a diagnosis. Incontinence can result from different causes and might occur with either constipation or diarrhea.

Continence is maintained by several inter-related Oily discharge after anal sex, including the anal sampling mechanismand usually there is more than one deficiency of these mechanisms for incontinence to develop. The most common causes are thought to be immediate or delayed damage from childbirthcomplications from prior anorectal surgery especially involving the anal sphincters or hemorrhoidal vascular cushionsaltered bowel habits e.

Fecal incontinence has three main consequences: People may be too embarrassed to seek medical help, and attempt to self-manage the symptom in secrecy from others. FI is one of the most psychologically and socially debilitating conditions in an otherwise healthy individual, but it is generally treatable.

Health care professionals are often poorly informed about treatment options, [5] and may fail to recognize the effect of FI.

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FI affects virtually all aspects of peoples' lives, greatly diminishing physical and mental health, and affect personal, social and professional life. Oily discharge after anal sex effects may include stress, fearfulness, anxiety, exhaustion, fear of public humiliation, feeling dirty, poor body-image, reduced desire for sex, anger, humiliation, depression, isolation, secrecy, frustration and embarrassment.

Some people may need to be in control of life outside of FI as means of compensation. The physical symptoms such as skin soreness, pain and odor may also affect quality of life.

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Physical activity such as Oily discharge after anal sex or exercise is often affected. Travel may be affected, requiring careful planning. Working is also affected for most. Relationships, social activities and self-image likewise often suffer. FI is a sign or a symptom, not a diagnosis, [7] and represents an extensive list of causes. Usually, it is the result of a complex interplay of several coexisting factors, many of which may be simple to correct.

For example, obstetric injury may precede onset by decades, but postmenopausal changes in the tissue strength reduce in turn the competence of the compensatory mechanisms.

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Anorectal anomalies and spinal cord defects may be a cause in children. These are usually picked up and operated upon during early life, but continence is often imperfect thereafter. The functioning of the anal canal can be damaged, traumatically or atraumatically. The resting tone of the anal canal is not the only factor which is important; both the length of the high pressure zone and its radial translation of force are required for continence.

This Oily discharge after anal sex that even with normal anal canal pressure, focal defects such as the keyhole deformity can be the cause of substantial symptoms. External anal sphincter EAS dysfunction is associated with impaired voluntary control, whereas internal anal sphincter IAS dysfunction is associated with impaired fine tuning of fecal control. Such lesions include piles inflamed hemorrhoidsanal fissuresanal cancer or fistulae.

Obstetric injury may tear the anal sphincters, and some of these injuries may be occult undetected. The risk of injury is greatest when labor has been especially difficult or prolonged, when forceps are used, with higher birth weights or when an midline episiotomy is performed.

Only when there is post operative investigation of FI such as endoanal ultrasound is the injury discovered. The IAS is easily damaged with an anal retractor especially the Park's anal retractorleading to reduced resting pressure postoperatively.

The "keyhole deformity" refers to scarring within the anal canal and is another cause of mucus leakage and minor incontinence. This defect is also described as a groove in the anal canal wall, and may occur after posterior midline fissurectomy or fistulotomy, or with lateral IAS defects.

Rare causes of traumatic injury to the anal sphincters include military or traffic accidents complicated by pelvic fracturesspine injuries or perineal lacerationsinsertion of foreign bodies in the Oily discharge after anal sex, and sexual abuse.

Many people with FI have a generalized weakness of the pelvic floorespecially puborectalis. Abnormal descent of the pelvic floor can also be a sign of pelvic floor weakness. The pelvic floor is innervated Oily discharge after anal sex the pudendal nerve and the S3 and S4 branches of the pelvic plexus. With recurrent straining, e.

Increased pudendal nerve terminal motor latency may indicate pelvic floor weakness. The various types of pelvic organ prolapse e. The rectum needs to be of a sufficient volume to store stool until defecation. The rectal walls need to be "compliant" i.

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Rectal sensation is required to detect the presence, nature and amount of rectal contents. The rectum must also be able to evacuate its contents fully. There must also be efficient co-ordination of rectal sensation and relaxation of the anal canal.

Surgery involving the rectum e. Reduced rectal storage capacity may lead to urge incontinence, where there is an urgent need to defecate as soon as stool enters the rectum, where normally stool would be stored until there was enough to distend the rectal walls and initiate the defecation cycle. Tumors and strictures also may impair reservoir function. Conversely, increased rectal volume megarectummay cause fecal loading and overflow FI.

Reduced rectal sensation may be a contributory factor. Rectal hyposensitivity may manifest as constipation, FI, or Oily discharge after anal sex. This is a feature of people with soiling secondary to obstructed defecation.

Oily discharge after anal sex causes of incomplete evacuation include non-emptying defects like a rectocele. Straining to defecate pushes stool into the rectocele, which acts like a diverticulum and causes stool sequestration.

Accidental Bowel Leakage

Once the voluntary attempt to defecate, albeit dysfunctional, is finished, the voluntary muscles relax, and residual rectal contents are then able to descend into the anal canal and cause leaking. Nitratescalcium channel antagonistsbeta-adrenoceptor antagonists beta-blockerssildenafilselective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

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Cephalosporinspenicillinsmacrolides. Glyceryl trinitrate ointment, diltiazem gel, bethanechol cream, botulinum toxin A injection.