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At what age should you start having sex

FuckBook Base At what age should you start having sex.

When I asked why the focus was so much on ladies, when the discussion was on youths girls and boysa woman answered that it was because girls are at a disadvantage when it comes to sex.

This week, I went round. I asked when people think is the right age to start indulging in sexual activities. I got myriad of responses. Some funny…a few downright unrealistic ones… if I may say so.

I however discovered that everyone and I mean everyone, expected a girl to attain a certain age before having intercourse, but nothing is wrong in a boy banging every Susan, Iyabo, Amina or Nkiru that he comes across, irrespective of his age.

Can you beat that?

A girl has intercourse with a guy…they both thrash the bed post and bed sheet to nonsense…as their legs flail at different directions, sweat and holy water are poured and mixed in happy wedlock.

She probably leaves school to have the baby or worse, goes for an abortion. He could very well go on to bang another babe while the current one is in evacuation theatre and table. There is a 90 per cent chance that he will continue with his education, uninterrupted. The pregnancy, another nasty, dirty experience, soon wiped off the slate of his memory. You are probably wondering when I first had my first At what age should you start having sex experience.

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I was still in my early twenties when I first touched it. Even now, I still recollect that day like it was yesterday. He was such a handsome son of a gun! Well, the first time I saw it, was not the first time I ate it. Nay, it was not! The first I touched it… it jumped in my hand.

I jumped back too in fright. Stop guessing…I was fully clothed! The guy laughed like one in great pain.

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Who was he kidding? The thing seemed to have a life of its own! Of course it has a life silly!

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Then it cried its usually first tear drop…oh, why was it sad? Nay, I heard then it was happy tears…tears of expectations!

But it was slippery. I thought I had enough for that day. I was already working on my second job, when I finally ate it.

It was not palatable to say the least. I suffered bitter indigestion. Will you like to hear about the first time?

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Okay, it started…what did you say? I hate boring people.

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