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The out-dated idea that females are chaste and males are promiscuous needs to be thrown away. Once upon a time, animal courtship was thought to run something like Multiple wad sex shots Barbara Cartland novel.

The rakish males battle it out for a chaste female, who sits around choosing the prince charming to father her young. While her mate may sow his wild oats far and wide, she patiently tends her brood.

Notwithstanding a few counterexamples, these roles were thought to be largely the same across the animal kingdom: For many people, it was just the natural order of the world.

But have we been blinkered by our own cultural prejudices, casting animals in the kinds of roles we saw in the society around us? That is the view of a small but growing number of biologists. Researchers such as Roughgarden argue that it was a classic case of "confirmation bias".

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Many biologists were seeing what they wanted to believe, and then using the results to justify prevailing cultural norms. The result, Tang-Martinez and Roughgarden believe, is that scientists have often failed to recognise astonishingly diverse sexual behaviours across the animal kingdom. There are now myriad examples of animals that break the rules entirely — from intersex kangaroo to a fish with four separate Multiple wad sex shots.

If they are right, we should rethink many of our assumptions about sex differences.

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As with Multiple wad sex shots, the dividing line between male and female is frequently blurred or easily crossed. View image of A peacock Pavo cristatus with his tail Credit: Much of our modern understanding of sex differences came from Charles Darwin's struggles to explain the peacock's tale. How could such a cumbersome and extravagant display ever contribute to the animal's survival?

Darwin saw the same patterns — males being Multiple wad sex shots, females "coy" — across the animal kingdom. Darwin's solution was "sexual selection": When many males compete for a single female, each male has to show off his worth in some way; either through direct combat, or in a showy display that proves he would be the healthiest father for her young. The resulting arms race led to the evolution of ever more excessive traits in the males of certain species: Later, the evolutionary biologist Angus John Bateman argued that this could be explained through basic economics.

View image of A Somali ostrich Struthio molybdophanes hatching Credit: Eggs, Bateman said, are huge and packed full of nutrients, making them costly to produce. By contrast, sperm are so small they can be produced in their millions. The bottom line is that males have evolved to be promiscuous and females have evolved to be choosy. This means the stakes of the mating game are much higher for a female, and so she needs to choose her gamble carefully.

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Meanwhile, the male has sperm to spare, letting him take a gamble wherever he chooses. The female's Multiple wad sex shots is even greater if she has to spend time gestating and rearing the young, so she needs to make sure she chooses a mate who will give her young the best genes and the best chances of survival. View image of Two fruitflies Drosophila melanogaster mating Credit: Some of the first evidence came from an experiment Bateman conducted on fruit flies in He found that males had a better chance of passing on their genes if they mated with Multiple wad sex shots different partners, whereas the females did not produce any more offspring after their initial mating.

Just like peacocks, female pipefish have evolved bright, colourful markings as a result of sexual selection. The same kind of logic has since explained the behaviours of many different species, from dragonflies and grouse to baboons and elephant seals. Indeed, a seminal paper on the subject by Robert Trivers has now been cited more than 11, times, making it one of the most influential ideas in evolutionary biology.

True, there were always some exceptions.

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For instance, in certain species of pipefish the female actively courts the male, before "gluing" her eggs to her chosen mate. While she can swim off to find another partner, he spends time nourishing the growing young.

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In this case the male invests more in the young than the female does. But such cases of "sex role reversal" were generally considered Multiple wad sex shots be rare. They were also thought to be exceptions that proved the rule. These females are also larger than the males, and form hierarchies of dominance determining who can access the "harem".

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Still, in the vast majority of species, males were assumed to play the jock while the females waited patiently on the sidelines. This assumption is now under attack by some biologists, who wonder whether it has been shaped by prevailing cultural preferences.

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View image of Male yellowbanded pipefish Dunckerocampus pessuliferus Credit: The arguments are particularly troubling when sexual selection theory is used to explain human behaviours. For instance, some researchers had argued that men are naturally funnier than women, with humour acting as a sexual display akin to bright, colourful plumage — even though any apparent sex differences could easily be Multiple wad sex shots result of sexist stereotyping rather than evolutionary history. Perhaps biologists just have not looked hard enough to truly understand the complex ways that males and females may interact.

Even that very first study of fruit flies — the cornerstone of parental investment theory — has Multiple wad sex shots under scrutiny. When Gowaty tried to replicate the results inshe failed to find convincing evidence that the males benefited from being more promiscuous than the females. View image of Female lions Panthera leo mate a lot Credit: In a paper published in AprilTang-Martinez describes many examples in which females do not play by the rules laid down by sexual selection theory.

For instance, the females of many bird species had been thought to be exclusively monogamous, with the female faithfully sticking with her chosen partner.

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