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Wifey leather jacket facial

All porn pics Wifey leather jacket facial.

The clever guy fool me too.

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Exact description near a mall sales tax back to Italy B. Shame ,just happen to Wifey leather jacket facialVancouver BC oak street gas stationcouple hundred for 5 jacketand the worse is size is too big, first said is a gift ,then told me story about iPad for his sonI try to help so This just happened to my aunt today!

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And the exact SAME scenario! I hope these guys get cut! This happened in Montreal, Canada! Same thing happened to me today I'm in Canada Toronto.

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A friend of mine saw him two weeks ago also in Canada so maybe thats where he is now. Exact same thing happened to me just now; Dude was in his car, said he was finishing a fashion week for ogivily and didn't want to pay taxes. I was about to pay for all 4, on my way to the atm i google the brand and figure out something is fishy. Still ended up paying for 2 jackets because I liked Wifey leather jacket facial they look lol. In retrospect I probably could've gotten a better price but whatever, they look real enough for me to be happy haha.

He had 4 beautiful jackets. I told him I didn't have cash.

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Fake or not the jacket is is really nice and real leather. What a well thought out scam!

A quality black leather jacket...

Too bad I didn't think of it sooner! My poor brother still has the jackets!!

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I feel abused hahah. This comment has been removed by the author. I just got taken totally. Just tried on the Large and the sleeve will not fit on my right arm as the stitching was done incorrectly and could not get hand through Chock up one for stupidity: Ask to see his passport.

Me to haha paid Wifey leather jacket facial for one fits me decently, worth is i suppose exact same story Edmonton ab westside. My wife just got scammed in Burlington Ontario at the Walmart 6 Wifey leather jacket facial for bills!!!! Hes in odessa tx got me for for 4 jackets same M. O as the others dont feel too bad i like the jackets lol. Why dont these guys just make there own clothing if its a scam then its stupid cuz these are some really nice jackets and i would have paid for one instead of for 4 of them ppl are stupid but oh well these are some great jackets i dont feel scammed i would like to know where to get some more so i can start my own clothing store and make some real money lol.

When i bring the cash, he came up with an idea to buy him something from electronic shop with my Credit Card.

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Here is my story. He first asked me how to get to the airport showing me the map. I tried to look to the back sit and there was a luggage.

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His English is poor now i bet that is on purpose. Then, when i was about to leave, he told me he came for some fashion show and he left these three jackets actually nice looking and brand new and he doesn't want to to take it back to Italy to avoid customs. He hesitated and finally he said ok. But when returned back he asked me to buy him iPad with my credit card.

I told him I am in hurry. Well, he took the money.

But i thought i jackets are defective at first when i saw the guy is already left in speed of light. Well, the jackets Wifey leather jacket facial nice looking and it says "made in Italy" all over the place. The major issue is, it smells fuel and i couldn't even keep it in the house. Oh one thing I forgot to mention, I asked Business Card so that i can contact him and he gave me a nice one This is what it says It happened to me Wifey leather jacket facial Mississauga, Ontario, I didn't buy anything but he left the same business card.

Parking lot of Loblaws, College Square. Same story, same scam. I gave th police the license plate of the scammer. Same shit happened to me, italian guy, going home from a clothing fair, and i think i have near high score people, My opinion you are all wrong don't trip the leather alone is worth more than All of you got a great price enjoy it and stop tripping.

Take it as a deal and the person that sold you this is very kind with us. In my cases i am very satisfy d.

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I received two and they were free, given to my husband from a total stranger. I think is someone is going to buy something out of someones trunk of their car, it is best to be a little smart and not so naive.

People we live in a world of fraud. Everyone is trying to make a quick buck. In all honesty this is funny that its happened to all of us. I was suspicious as well but Wifey leather jacket facial are some nice jackets even though they do smell like fuel as well lol. I know i'll get my money back pretty quick.

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I am in Toronto got conned outside walmart on St. It is nice jacket but unfortunately all size are XXL. If you have any size large can I trade or switch?

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They were at Toronto, Sheppard and Bathurst yesterday. Same story, 2 Italian going to the Airport to Italy.

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I got 3 smalls i'd trade for 2 of your XXL's if willing, in Toronto area. They aren't that small, i'm 6'3'' and can put a small on but it's a bit tight and short armed for me. I have XL size. I am willing to sell it to you. I feel guilty for buying it in the first place from the Italians. Got them today only in original conditions. Email me at chowi18 gmail. I will come by and deliver it to you. Why these guys use this crazy sales format and don't just sell at a market stall is weird, they must burn up a lot of gas especially when it is C.

Showed quality of leather by lighting a lighter on it and tells you to feel it. Then when Wifey leather jacket facial i don't feel comfortable Wifey leather jacket facial it, he says he has a nephew back home and wants to buy him a Playstation, asks there value, got me to give him for 4 jackets, once i got the money and got the jackets, he was gone like the wind and i then realized there were only 3 in the bag.

Dec 10th, Fell for the same scam as Mcgruber Guy about 25yrs with earring, driving white Honda civic rented in Vaughan. Sold me the same story about wanting directions to airport.

I spent some time directing him, he said he wanted to give me a gift of the jackets but just needed for the cost of the rental car. I Wifey leather jacket facial sorry for him because he wanted to travel and needed the money. He took one of the 5 jackets out Wifey leather jacket facial the bag, and said he can only give me 4. I did not even check the jackets.

Each one is different. Feel like a sucker now Everyone, recommend we all post vehicles, descriptions, etc, as soon as it happens. The more detail the better. PVC I feared this the moment I took a closer look at them - I was basically the equivalent of drunk when he sold them to me. Consider, on a positive note, that we all paid for a good lesson.