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How to keep him interested while dating

Porn Galleries How to keep him interested while dating.

Keeping him interested can be a bit of a conundrum. Guys can be more picky than we realize; and that, in and of itself, is reason for him to lose interest. Their likes changes from one minute to the next. In one moment, guys will drool all over a girl with a curvy bod and the next they're hunting down the slimmest of slim girls.

But there are some tried and true methods that can keep him wanting more from you.

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It will actually involve you giving less, so in the scheme of things you are willing something, too, darling. However, remember that playing too much of a game will leave things between you feeling inorganic and forced which is the opposite of what you want.

Try to keep things flowing naturally in order to keep him interested in you —don't create an invention or distortion of yourself. Does he like sports? Watch a game with him.

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Does he like music? Go to a show with How to keep him interested while dating. Does he like to cook? Just by offering to be involved can mean the world. Guys like a challenge. He wants to see that you have a life of your own, he wants to feel his own living space, he wants to feel space, period.

Be your own source of joy. They want to chase you, but not too far and not for too long and not with too much effort. This means answer phone calls or texts when you want to, not according to some system or plan devised by him or by society.

Now Do These 9 Things...

Ladies, ladies, ladies —you gotta keep your self-care game on point. If you are taking care of your mental and spiritual life, he will be drawn to you.

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All that stuff comes without a price and is super duper special. If you can combine the outer stuff with the inner stuff, you will become a divine creature that will keep almost any man, of any substance, interested.

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However, beware the vampires as they will spot that high vibrational energy from afar and come to feed without any hesitation. A man likes his space. So do women, but society tells us that men need space. Give it to him, then. You gotta have a life, too. His freedom means you get yours, too. Let them have it. Deep down we know that the world is ours, hence the whole Mother Earth thing. Jealousy is naturale and normal, but it should not How to keep him interested while dating a general feeling you have all the time.

If you display too much jealousy, you can be sure to lose him quickly. And if you realize you have issues with jealousy, you might want to share those with him. Better take care of that green monster, girl.

Being a social creature comes natural to most people. We are designed, after all, to be social beings. This means that you should have your own group of amigas with whom you share your time. Guys are super about guy time and kicking it with the boys and all that jazz. And you can both be content knowing that neither is waiting around for the other, at least not all the damn time anyways. Two, it affects your own energy.

Three, it can be impossible to have a normal conversation. Five, it really is annoying. However, if you are really into relationships, being a Negative Nancy will keep most prospective partners far from you or get them running fast once they get to know you. You should have interests of all sorts. You having interests, of any kind, means that you find yourself and your likes cool and worth your time. Men like so see us occupied with things.

The Good Advice For Keeping...

While it might mean more freedom for them, it also means more personal development for us. You should want to be more than that, he wants you to be more than that. No one wants to be suffocated. If you want him, let him breathe, let him go. If you are clingy it means you are insecure and insecurity is not sexy, not in the least. You gotta get your ish together, girl, and cling onto things that can make you a better human being.

Be strong, but not too strong.

Men like women to be strong in the sense that women manage things on their own, like multi-tasking and stuff like that. Be a good girl and a sex object and a Mother Teresa and an independent worker, all those things.

so are we. Let's start...

They love us to be that. Not that we need it, but let them feel important.

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