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Velma shaggy erotic cartoon

Nude gallery Velma shaggy erotic cartoon.

At one am, he got up for a glass of water and a slightly after midnight snack consisting of a little bit of everything out of the fridge. As soon as his stomach was full, he made his way back upstairs and into the comfort of his bunk and the sweet relief of slumber.

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Velma shaggy erotic cartoon Shaggy awoke with a start after what seemed like a brief moment, he immediately slammed his head back onto his pillow, hoping that whatever dream had woken him up would not bother him again. Frantically, he shifted his body to lay on his side, hoping his changed position would let him sleep, with Velma shaggy erotic cartoon such luck.

And finally after a good hour of trying to fall back asleep, Shaggy figured he might as well start the day off. The alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed taunted his fool hearted endeavor to get up at a reasonable time; 6am was just like, way too early for anyone to be up.

If the sun wasn't up, then he shouldn't be either. But, there was no point lying in bed for hours with nothing to do.

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Scooby wouldn't be awake for a couple more hours and the rest of the gang usually took the term 'lazy Sunday' to heart and slept in.

He could probably Velma shaggy erotic cartoon in a movie before the usual morning line up of cartoons started on TV. Shaggy flung the covers off his weary body, carefully maneuvering around his dane's sleeping form.

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The floor was absolutely freezing against the warm skin of his feet. He stretched his lanky limbs, hoping that getting some blood flowing would help warm him up and give him a bit more energy, all the while letting a few tired yawns escape from his mouth.

He shivered; Velma liked to chastise him over not wearing socks when he walked around the house, but socks were just so uncomfortable. Like, they were so scrunchy and itchy without any shoes to make you forget you were wearing them.

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Besides, warming up with Velma shaggy erotic cartoon few cups of hot chocolate was much better than throwing on some ratty old pieces of fabric over your toes. A thought occurred to him; it was way too early for everyone to be up, so the shower would be free and he Velma shaggy erotic cartoon have to worry about hogging all the hot water from the girls Fred had gotten used to taking cold showers from his athletic days Velma shaggy erotic cartoon in high school; Shaggy never understood how he didn't turn into a popsicle, but to each their own.

That would definitely wake him up! He tread across the icy hardwood with a bit more spring in his step towards his dresser and picked out a tee shirt and lounge pants that would allow for optimum relaxation. He quietly shut the door behind him as he entered the hallway. Shaggy ignored the quiet creaks and moans of the floorboards as he made his way towards the washroom.

Even though he knew there wasn't anything to be afraid of didn't mean that walking down dark corridor wasn't still kind of creepy. He used the wall against the palm of his hand to guide him through the blackness and silently prayed he wouldn't knock one of the pictures off the wall and wake everyone up.

His tendency for clumsiness was a trait he took good note of.

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Yet, his eyes fell upon a small beam of warm yellow that definitely wasn't there when he awoke earlier in the Velma shaggy erotic cartoon for some light chow. When he listened closely, his ears picked up on a strange sound. He moved with caution towards the strange light, only now realizing that it was in the same direction as his well needed shower.

The sound of water running down the drain confirmed his suspicions. It almost drowned out the humming, but after Velma shaggy erotic cartoon of keeping his eyes and ears open for any signs of monsters or danger, Shaggy's hearing was a bit more attuned, and he could pick up that it was not humming, but rather gentle singing that echoed out into the hall.

A small smile couldn't help but form at his lips as he instantly recognized the voice. A lot of people didn't know that Velma liked to sing. She didn't do it often, especially in front of other people; she had terrible stage fright. But, he'd been around her long enough to pick up on the soft melodies she would almost whisper under her breath while she worked through clues or on one project or another.

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She only allowed her voice to be loud enough to reach her own ears, but Shaggy could always tell that she was in her own world of lyrics. There were many characteristics about the the young genius that took time to discover: For the longest time, he had spent his free time wondering why he knew so much about this woman that, although had been his best friend for as long Velma shaggy erotic cartoon either of them could remember, was still a fairly private Velma shaggy erotic cartoon.

Shaggy never had to ask what her favourite band was or which book in her vast collection received the most love; he simply noticed her keeping up to date on Simple Plan's blog and she flew through Edgar Allan Poe's collection of Dupin every other week and other little details that made Velma Dinkley who she was. After many hours of contemplation, he decided that the why of their relationship didn't really matter. They were two people that enjoyed each other's company and would continue to do so for a really, really long time so, what was there to really think about?