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Keanu reeves meme in your dreams

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Let me paint you a picture. It was the summer of Late August to be more precise. The hazy heat hangs on, clinging to your skin, dripping from your clothes, and returning to the air to drown you with every breath.

Love affairs bitterly ended. A film called Crazy Rich Asians dominated the box office. The John Wick universe found me, sitting on my couch, scrolling through Keanu reeves meme in your dreams burning pit of hellfire that is Twitter, offering me a glimpse of the divine with that most precious of Internet commodities: A man of the people.

A god among men. Sitting atop a horse, riding through the streets of New York City. That image haunted my dreams. I had to know more.

No, what I came here to discuss is a grave miscarriage of justice. A blight upon the land. An insult so shameful, nay, blasphemous, that it simply cannot stand. The film opens with a rain-soaked Keanu watching a home video of a gorgeous Bridget Moynahan while clutching his bleeding abdomen. An SUV is totaled nearby. That woman is his dead wife, and his current injuries shall be explained later.

The scene is set. Here is a man who has lost everything.

Lol true but my guy...

Biceps like mountains with small valleys in between. A beard so perfectly trimmed, so squarely planted on full, luscious cheeks, it resembles the manicured perfection of the Gardens of Versailles.

Born in Beirut

These things cannot be ignored. A puppy sent to him by his dead wife. A puppy to help him grieve, to help him love again. A puppy named Daisy. We question our attraction to a man who drives at reckless speeds with a small dog unsecured in the passenger seat. We tsk when John Wick feeds Daisy cereal with milk for breakfast.