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These are the best underwater photos in the world… Buzz He declined to disclose the terms of the dealwhich closed this week. Oath has started to weed out some of its assets after merging AOL and Yahoo.

Friendships were forged on Flickr as people shared photographs and others commented on them. Overshadowed in the smartphone era by the rise of Facebook and Instagram, Flickr suffered defections to rival services but held onto a core loyal following of shutterbugs despite product and policy misses and the hacks of Yahoo, as well as encroaching competition from Google and other massive photo services.

In March, Flickr had It operates on a smaller scale, but has won over millions of customers with a single-minded devotion to photography and a personal touch often lacking in online services run by giant corporations.

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MacAskill says the SmugMug model works for the business and his conscience because it aligns his incentives with his customers. After revelations that 87 million Facebook users had their personal information pilfered by Chicago hookup service matchmaking duodenitis gastritis Analytica, a British political firm with ties to the Donald Trump presidential campaign, consumers are having second thoughts about trading their data for a free service.

That may be especially true when it comes to the safekeeping of photographs, which are often more personal than words, says Carolina Milanesi, a technology analyst with Creative Strategies.

The majority of Flickr users have free accounts that run advertising alongside photos.

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The SmugMug acquisition brings to a close a long and frequently painful chapter for Flickr. He and his co-founders found themselves scrapping for resources, delaying critical progress as smartphone photography exploded. One user, photographer Sean Bonner had a website — dearmarissamayer.

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Wow, this news is timed well, as I was just seriously considering abandoning Flickr after 14 years and 7, photos. Please SmugMugbreathe life into the best social community there ever twas!

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Ramsay jtramsay April 20, This means I can finally delete my useless Yahoo account https: Marine Corps logo Photo: Muscles, heart and a winning smile needed. Mustaches need not apply.

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