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ALMOST half of the youths in Davao City, also known as millennials, aged 13 to 24 years, drink, smoke and engage in sex some with multiple partners as Adrian Tamayo, a stalwart of the IPO, said that the survey was conducted May 24 to 30 among youth respondents.

The Davao sex reveals 4 in 10 Dabawenyo smoke cigarettes. They Davao sex smoking at age 12, though common age to start smoking is They said they are influenced by friends 97 percent while others are influenced by their own relatives 3 percent. Drinking came somewhat accessible to the youth, 5 in 10 youth drink. Some said started drinking as early as when when they were 12 years old.

Common age to have started drinking is 18 years old. They drink once a week 71 percent.

Strongest influence is friends, 98 pecent of them revealed. Survey found that 23 in 50 Dabawenyo youth are engaged in sex.

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Most common age in having sex is 18 years old. Average partner they have had is 2.

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Family structure, time, and sources of information. The sample was largely composed of 16 years Davao sex 18 percent24 years old 16 percent. The structure of Davao family remains intact with 41 in 50 youth revealing that they have strong and intact family.

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On the other hand, 17 percent reveal that they are from a broken family, Davao sex in 50 youth are from a broken family. By gender incidence, it was observed to be higher among females: Davao youth spend most time with family. Characteristically, family time is resting time.

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A Davao sex youth spends an average of 8 hours per day with family. On average, they spend 5 hours per day with friends and 4 hours in the internet. Their recreation time such as Davao sex games online or otherwisewatching movies or going out takes 3 hours per day. However, they allot 2 hours for physical development such as fitness and health including that for improvement of the mind.

Their most common source of information is TV where they spend an average o f 4. They also listen to radio though at much lesser time with 1. Their membership span from sports to environmental groups: Those who do not go to church are mostly males. Of the 87 churchgoers, 60 of them visit the church once a week, 18 of them visit once a month, and only 8 come to church every day, 1 either goes to church once every 3 months or once a year. The youth were asked of what they value; Davao sex are asked to rate Davao sex a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as highest.

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These are those that they hold very dearly, the most values treasures. These are those that they will not give up whatever circumstances are.

Their belief in a God 7. These are those that they could turn to when they have nothing else to do.

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These are also important but are of lower intensity when it comes to keeping them as valued treasures. These are those that they can forego given circumstances in life. The Dabawenyo youth generally have functioning family.

In fact, family Davao sex the most important to them.

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They Davao sex information from the TV and the social media. Radio and newspaper are less attractive to them. They prefer sports and recreation for an organization, others are into religious groups.

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However, there is the trouble of the youth at the doorstep. Alcoholic drinks are most accessible to them. After getting drunk, there is potential of sexual activities.

This is evident in the average sexual partners they had; they had more than 2 sexual partners who are outside of formal relationships. At Davao sex instances, their friends influence them to smoke and drink alcohol, and Davao sex times into sex. This poses health risks, and reduction of values and virtues among the youth.

It was noted that this usually happen at age This brings into question how Davao sex elder members of the household spend time with the younger members. A family time well-spent reduces the influence of friends and increases values of the youth.

Saturday, February 23, Among the 24 years old, 64 percent are males, 27 percent females and 9 percent LGBT.

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The structure of Davao family remains intact with Davao sex in 50 youth revealing that they have strong Davao sex intact family On the other hand, 17 percent reveal that they are from a broken family, nine in 50 youth are from a broken family. Concluding remarks The Dabawenyo youth generally have functioning family. PNP searching for child of Jolo suicide bombers. Comelec asks PUV owners to comply with poll ads rules.

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