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Why is the hookup of exodus important

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Tradition holds that Moses wrote the book of Exodus. Though scholars speculate and debate, there is no good reason to deny that Moses wrote the book. This deliverer was named Moses, and Moses was given the task of leading his people out of Egypt to the promised land, the land of Canaan. This event was called the Exodus.

Exodus reveals the God who saves his people. From Exodus we come to understand that God is actively involved in history.

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He saves, but God does things in his own way, in his own time, and for his own glory. Exodus teaches us what we should expect from God. Exodus gives us reason to trust God in difficult times. Exodus shows how God is at work to save the world from sin, death, and the devil.

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The story begins with Israel as an oppressed people in Egypt. Israel was a foreign people who came to Egypt during a great famine. The pharaoh welcomed them. A new pharaoh ascended to the throne, and this pharaoh was unaware of the history of all Joseph did to help Egypt.

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The first was to force the Israelites into slave labor. The second was to mandate the killing of all newborn male children. It was into this situation that Moses was born. In an attempt to spare Moses, his mother placed him in a basket and sent him down the Nile River.

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She recognized the child as belonging to one of the Israelites, but she had compassion on the boy and adopted him. After many years and a new pharaoh, God met Moses in a burning bush. There God called him to be his prophet and lead his people to the land of Canaan, but there was a problem. When Moses approached Pharaoh about freeing the Israelites, Pharaoh refused to let them go.

He brought Why is the hookup of exodus important after plague upon the Egyptians until Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelites leave. It took twelve plagues for Pharaoh to admit defeat. As Moses and the Israelites began to leave, Pharaoh, still unwilling to admit defeat, changed his mind. He and the Egyptian army pursued the Israelites up to the Red Sea. Moses and the people had come to what looked like a dead end, but God was with them.

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Through a great miracle, God spread the waters of the Red Sea so that Israel could walk across on dry land. When the Egyptians tried to walk across the parted sea, God released the waves, drowning the Egyptian army. After God saved his people from Egyptian bondage, he began to prepare the world for a salvation from greater slavery. The Messiah would come to save the world from sin, death, and the devil.

Exodus shapes both Jewish and Christian identity. Its themes are a major part of the Psalms and the Old Testament prophetical books. Exodus is a book about salvation from slavery. Slavery exists in many forms. Some slavery is imposed from the outside; other slavery is within our hearts. Exodus gives words of hope to people suffering from injustice and to those suffering from their own demons. One way to think about slavery existing on the inside—within the heart—is through the lens of addiction.

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I have seen drug addiction up close and personal. No one ever plans to become addicted. If anything, people begin with a desire to escape life. After a while, the addiction becomes a harsh master, and the one addicted becomes a slave. An addict may even begin to steal from friends and family to support the habit—to obey the master. The very thing one uses to find salvation becomes the bondage from which they need saving.

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It shows how ugly life can be. All people desire happiness. The problem is that life is filled with misery. We are victims of our own warped desires, and we are victimizers of other human beings. We need an escape. They need an intervention. They need someone to come from the outside and save them from the bondage and darkness.