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Submissive wife obeys

Porn archive Submissive wife obeys.

Simple commands however are not always easy to follow and sometimes our wives need our help in learning to submit. Thankfully, I have a few good tips for you that will help your wife fulfill her Biblical role. As a husband your job is to love like Christ Submissive wife obeys. One of the best ways you can do that is by simply being a friend to your wife. Make sure she knows that you value her companionship, find ways to relax together and engage her in heartfelt conversation.

It will be easier and more pleasant for her to submit to you as a friend than for her to submit to you as a harsh master! Instead suck it up and fix it for her without saying a word. Take the initiative to be a spiritual leader Submissive wife obeys your family and lead by example.

Prayer will change her but before it does it will change your attitude toward her.

Pray for you wife Submissive wife obeys. Pray for her spiritual growth, pray for the Lord to show you how you can better love her. If you have young kids in the house this is vital. Help her carve out that time by taking over her responsibilities long enough so that she can be uninterrupted for at least 30 mins.

Do these things guarantee that your wife will submit to you? No, but if you do them consistently they will make it more likely. My husband says I get Submissive wife obeys except when it came to how many children we should have and whether or not we should have a dog. You know — the little things. Deb, sounds like you have a good handle on those Scriptures. I think a lot of women are afraid of submission because they falsely assume that it means blind obedience.

The reality is that Scripture commands everyone to submit to each other.

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These are great thoughts Caleb. Interesting discussions in the comments too. At first glance I think I like what she is saying. Looks like the books is worth checking out too. It really does boil down to becoming a leader she can trust and respect. There is so much wisdom in this. Thanks for the encouragement Michael!

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Making sure what we say aline with our actions and behaviors. When we lead our self well our spouses will want to follow us.

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Caleb — Submissive wife obeys factors would you look into a potential spouse? In other words, how I can be more discerning in finding the right person? Paul, I tell single guys to first focus on becoming the kind of man a godly woman would want to marry and second, look for a woman who strives for the qualities found in Prov Originally that chapter was written as advice for a young man looking for a spouse!

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I found when I became more submissive to God, she became submissive to my authority. My job is to make sure I listen to and obey His directions and our home will be in proper alignment.

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As husband we can be an example of submission by submitting our will to Christ. These are all pretty huge.

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The one other thing I would add is to help her have good Christian friends who can be good influences on her. Maybe that means you do couple-dates or you watch the kids to give her some time Submissive wife obeys with her friend. What a great post. We can protect her physically and emotionally. I got this wrong in my first marriage.

I got it a lot wrong for a long time and I still get things wrong. Thankfully I have a gracious wife.

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Awesome and encouraging post. Most men do not want to listen to their wives, when if they would, perhaps they could be saved from making some miserable mistakes. Be willing to listen and consider what she has to say.

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Then pray about it. Perhaps there is a bit of submission toward each other as a whole. Sometimes I find it hard to listen too but it is always worth it in the end.

My husband stepped in at a young age with the most amazing behavior — he began to prefer me.

Over and over and over. God really has blessed me. We were missionaries overseas for 25 years, and that was the pressure cooker God used to tenderize us and make us aware of His highest goal for us: God bless you and your family!

Nobody is born obedient. The impression most husbands have is that their wives have been taught the need for obedience before marriage — it might be true in some cases but husbands Submissive wife obeys know that it a continues processes and they can be involved. Obedience can be facilitated: Obedience is usually easier when a person can identify with a course.

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The Willing obedience is far above all better than the coerced type. In other relationship like business, work place etc it can work. Just wanted you to know that I loved it! Certainly there are some principles here that wives can also apply to their marriages and how they relate to their husband.

How we laughed and laughed about this post of yours! I said to his sister who rang here one day and specifically asked: He is just a wonderful, intelligent and caring husband and I am so grateful to God for providing him for me.

He teaches me so much and I love learning too. I kept right on going and said: Like most addicts they lack coping skills. He is everything the Word of God asks for him to be for God and for me: And my prayer and earnest desire is for me to honour the treasured gift He has given to me and serve my husband, Submissive wife obeys just as he is next Submissive wife obeys Christ, so I am I next to Christ too, for we are both one.

I am just so very grateful for all He has accomplished in our lives. Jesus is the perfect example of the Submissive wife obeys King!

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The tone of the post is an attempt at comedy, mocking the idea that a husband would want his […]. This site uses cookies.