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Things to say to get a girls attention

Pron Videos Things to say to get a girls attention.
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You have your eyes on a special lady; she could be someone from your school or office, or someone you met at a bar or at a gallery opening… the situations can be plenty, but the bottom line is that you have to make yourself stand out in a sea of men without being obvious. So what can you do?

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Lose the baggy pants, skinny jeans, oversized hoodies and baseball caps. The easiest way for her to remember you is to smell good enough to her. And whenever she smells that fragrance, she will instantly be reminded of you.

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If possible, find out her fav scent like rose, sandalwood, lemon, etc. Your absence in her life from time to time will not only make her miss you, but if she sees you making a little less effort than expected, she will fill in the gap by giving you more attention. And mean it, of course. If possible, go out of your way to show that women should be treated equally, like berate in front of her that a friend or colleague of yours who said or did something sexist.

Women fall for feminist men like ninepins, people.

Sure, you can be confident and in control and that would work nicely for you. Laugh awkwardly, avoid eye contact for a second or two, give her a goofy smile… basically act like a cute little child around her.

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