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Will smith hitch speed dating scene

Sexy Galleries Will smith hitch speed dating scene.

What is the objective? But perhaps we were just in a bad mood and tired or the film had been built up too much in our minds? So of course, how could it possibly live up to that, we clearly missed its genius and subtle subversion of the typical romance movie tropes. Here is the quick review. Will smith hitch speed dating scene a gossip columnist, who is just too busy busy busy for a man in her life is approached by big Willie.

They might not have anything in common or much chemistry but why let that stop them. So it plays out pretty much as you would expect from a big star Hollywood production, but this has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Everything is flat, well except for the jokes… because there are none.

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And by the end, nothing of importance happens or is learnt. From the opening moments of the film, you know you are in for a bad time.

Firstly it displays utterly generic shots of New York and people going about their apparently lonely lives. There is a cheerful song playing in the background while Smith breaks the fourth wall and talks confidently to the audience about how all women are liars.

These moments were the signals to get out while you still can. But hey, we are giving it a fair shot remember and this is just the beginning, surely it can only go upward from here …. Playing perhaps the worst female character, not in just the romantic comedy genre, but of all cinema.

Now maybe that is a tad hyperbolic of a statement but that is what this film does to you. This leads into the amazingly in-depth backstory of Hitch. He was a nerd. He fell in love.

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Got heartbroken, so now plays women at their own game. Our protagonist ladies and gentlemen. Well they make him look like a cartoon nerd complete with thick glasses, a loud shirt, big goofy grin and is clumsy to boot dropping school textbooks everywhere.

Here he plays Albert Brenneman. Who is, well, a stalker. However, he needs help to be with the woman he adores, so as if by magic, Hitch appears to guide him.

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During these first three scenes in which we are introduced to Albert, every single one has him doing something clumsy; such as dropping his coffee, or dropping his sandwich, and weirdest of all depicts him breaking a sink in a moment of rage.

But then the writers forget he is clumsy about halfway through the film and he is perfectly coordinated for the remainder. All this is leading up to probably the only good joke in the film, a sight gag with a pen, its short and simple and feels like it genuinely had some thought about it beforehand. Will smith hitch speed dating scene puts his charm into overdrive and they start chatting.

So not only is he terrible at his profession but so is she, oh and she may be an alcoholic. Scene ends with giggles. It is at this point we have to mention the strange realization we came to that none of these scenes have an actual ending; everything just awkwardly melts into the next scene. The same tactic is employed here. Look, someone fell down, well that has to be funny right?

Count how many times Kevin James falls down. Make a drinking game of it. Every time it cuts back to Kevin James it feels disconnected from everything else going on; as most of it takes place in his apartment that has been designed by IKEA. One of these lessons is about how to dance, and solely with this scene it proves just how lazy the Will smith hitch speed dating scene was. Clearly underestimating the talent and skill improvisers have.

What is with the amount of side characters also? There are more here than in Game of Thrones!

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Difference being, that none of these are memorable, or even given names come to think of it. They exist solely to constantly reiterate our main characters imagined problems. As mentioned earlier, the film has been boring with nothing of interest happening at all.

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But then out of nowhere they decide to do something revolutionary. After some allergic reaction related hijinks, our couple start to open up to each other with personal stories.

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