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Hustler lil music music video wayne

Sexy Video Hustler lil music music video wayne.
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Goddamn Missed and hit a nigga in his head with dis one Ima paint da city red wit dis one Ima head wit dis one See u fuckin wit da boys who tote toyz way b4 christmas. No assisstance jis Thta persisstance me.

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That committment if- I don't get it somebody gone die tonite- I kno my vibe is tight- And I deserve da throne - if da kid ain't right- den let me die in his souls. I'll be ridin jis Ridin alone Wit my daddy on my mind like u gotta be kiddin How da hell u ain't here 2 see ya prince do his thing Sometimes I wanna drop a tear but no emotions from a king She'll be So I be who I be Dats me, dats Weezy F.

Baby and Please say da motyherfuckin. Ne body murderer Birdman sponser it Phantom of da operah All black- clock tent- locked in I can let dem shots out U can't get no shots in Bullet proof Leave a nigga wit a bullet proof Shoot ya in ya mouth and call it bullet tooth Im like what dey do What 2 do Theres a full court Pressure im just going 4 da 2 If im movin for da three Ima take it in a second Even if theres one second and ima make it.

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It's nothin I don't take it for granted I don't take it for nothin. I takee it for what it is worth to da durf motherfucker yea.

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Hustler Musik Lil Wayne. Baby and Please say da motyherfuckin [Chorus] Baby u gotta kno dat im just out here doin what I gotta do 4 me and u and we eatin So bitch y da fuck iz u trippin.

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I takee it for what it is worth to da durf motherfucker yea [Chorus: Repeat 1x] [Verse 3: Enviada por DanielaTraduzida por Fernando. Bruno Mars Don't Cry feat.

Eminem Love Me Feat. Nicki Minaj Dope Niggaz feat. Bobby Valentino Nothing But Trouble feat.

"Hustler Musik" is the second...

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