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Police say, after Weglarz drove off with his food, he returned moments later and banged on the front door of the restaurant -- which was locked -- and then proceeded to yell and swear at the manager of the restaurant through the drive-thru window. Weglarz reportedly fled the scene before police arrived, but police later arrested him at his home and charged him with breach of peace.

Police say a young man, seemingly inspired by the pattie-pilfering character once featured in McDonald's advertising campaigns, ran between a car and the takeout window at an Augusta, Maine restaurant in March just as an employee tried to hand City beach bikini brawler bag of food to a driver. Police later found the suspect in the parking lot of a rival fast food restaurant diving into the McDonald's bag. When the suspect saw police, he ran off into the woods and was never caught.

The incident was caught on video and shows Hardy, of Montgomery, Ala.

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