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How to join the elite

Nude 18+ How to join the elite.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Elite Dangerous Store Page. I have been playing Elite Dangerous for about a month and have a 'Friendly' reputation.

But to join a group...

How do I join a faction. I have read many posts about this but I still don't understand.

Please use terms that noobs would understand. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments.

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You cannot join the Feds or the Empire. You can however pledge support to political figures in Powerplay on the left panel, the yellow button that says galactic powers. I would highly highly suggest not doing this as anew player, you will be hunted and killed by opposing powers.

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Anyway, from what you said I will not join a faction yet but I just want to know how to join one for later. Sapyx View Profile View Posts. You cannot "join" a superpower Federation, Empire, Alliance.

Joining Emphatic

People who say they have "joined the Empire" are really just role-playing. What they mean is "I'm running missions for Imperial minor factions and gaiing rank with the Empire".

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There is no "join the empire" buttion you can click. You cannot "join" a minor faction eg.

Join. We understand the unique...

People's Anlave for Equality, Alioth Independents, etc either. There are "player-created" minor factions such as the Blood Brothers From Alraibut the game treats them no differently to any other procedurally-generated minor faction.

Players cannot directly influence the actions and policies of a minor faction.

Join the Elite

They can, for example, support a faction to the extent that it Expands to another system - but they have zero direct control over where that faction How to join the elite into. If a minor faction is at war and you enter one of their Conflict Zones, you get to chosse which of the two warring factions you wish to support - but this decision is only temporary, your choice is cleared as soon as you leave the combat zone.

You can "pledge" to a Powerplay power. These Powers are only loosely connected to the Superpowers and minor factions they coexist with. Players do receive "votes" to decide on what activities the Power does next.

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Much of the so-called "joining" for groups and factions in this game, happens out-of-game, on player group websites. Belmut View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by HaloHazard:.

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