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How to decode his body language

XXX pics How to decode his body language.
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Body language is so important when it comes to social cues and knowing how a person is feeling in a situation. When you are new in a relationship or checking out a potential love interest, body language How to decode his body language be a great way to figure out how they are feeling as well.

Be sure you are decoding his body language so you get a better idea of how he is feeling. Whether he is nervous, interested, attracted, or stressed, there are many different parts of his body that he can use to communicate specific messages. Sometimes these messages are conscious and others are done unconsciously!

The human body is funny that way, as it will communicate messages unbeknownst to the person giving the signals. Be the body language expert in the situation and get one step ahead of your guy.

What It Means When He...

By understanding the message his body is giving you, you How to decode his body language give him space, move closer, or take a step back, depending on how he is feeling. Figure out if the man in your life or the man you want in your life is into you or has other things on his mind. Use the messages he puts out with his body to better understand where he is at and avoid your own misunderstanding or possible embarrassment! Always consider the situation you are in when reading his body language.

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Situation has a big influence on How to decode his body language body readings. For example, at a work party he may act differently than he is feeling because his boss is around. You and your man are holding hands, something that for many women is a big sign of affection. Did you also know that you can decode his body language when he is holding your hand? If you are having How to decode his body language about how much your man is interested in this new relationship, the next time he holds your hand, take a look.

Does he just grab your fingers lightly and have a loose grip, or is he finger-locked with you and the grip is tighter? If this is the case, he is definitely interested in holding on to you. If his hand holding is loose and can easily be broken apart, it shows that maybe he wants to let go of your hand and therefore breaking the proof that you are together.

Check out the way your new man is holding your hand! It may show a lot about how interested he still is in the relationship.

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When meeting someone new, or getting to know someone more, it is a good idea to see how they position themselves when talking to you. If you are speaking with them and you notice they have their arms folded across their chest, this may be a good indicator that they do not yet trust you or are not interested. This barrier can also be a sign of nervousness.

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On the other hand, if his arms are open and being used while he is speaking, it means that he is interested in speaking with you and is happy to discuss his thoughts. Using his arms to express himself rather than close himself off. You have been sitting for awhile with him and suddenly he reaches his arms above his head and puffs out his chest and takes a big stretch.

This is not an indication that he is bored with you. If he was bored he would yawn and look continuously away. No, by stretching, his body language is exhibiting a display of flaunting or showing off.

When men do this, they are most often flexing How to decode his body language muscles as well and puffing out their chest in a way to show their bodies. The only reason he is stretching is because of you. The direction his How to decode his body language are looking when in various situations will tell you whether he is confident, shy, nervous, or embarrassed. If his eyes are not looking at you, but are instead staring at the ground or his hands, this probably means that he is uncomfortable, whether it is due to shyness or intimidation.

The best way to figure out if he is just shy is by seeing if he is listening to you and responding despite his downcast eyes. If he is still responding and keeping a conversation with minimal eye contact, he is probably just shy.