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When was the first text message sent

xXx Photo Galleries When was the first text message sent.

By technology reporter Ariel Bogle. Sometimes a full stop in a text is simply the end of a sentence. Other times, it can signify crossed wires, an angry boyfriend or a pile of dirty dishes left in the sink. And it has been 25 years of anxiety about what we text and whether it is changing how we communicate.

Is an exclamation point too When was the first text message sent or just right? Is "text speak" the reason why your year-old will never write like Shakespeare? He sent what is believed to be the first-ever text message from a big, draughty switch room in the UK to a Vodafone Christmas party on December 3, At the time, he was a year-old engineer. Since that December, the informal language of the SMS and other digital platforms has become a social concern, especially for its effect on kids. Nenagh Kemp, a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Tasmania, studied the effect of text messaging on grammar.

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